Determinations and Decisions - United Arab Emirates

 Qantas 19-Dec-2016 [2016] IASC 113 PDF: 1491 KB ReadSpeaker Renewal of 14 frequencies of capacity per week
19-Feb-13 [2013] IASC 204 PDF: 1666 KB ReadSpeaker Variation to permit
Emirates to code share on Qantas services
 14-Nov-12 [2012] IASC 107 PDF: 192 KB ReadSpeaker  Allocation of 14 services per week in each direction
29-Mar-12 [2012] IASC 208 PDF: 44 KB ReadSpeaker Revocation of [2006] IASC 106
1-Sep-06 [2006] IASC 106 PDF: 104 KB ReadSpeaker Allocation of unlimited capacity and frequency for all-cargo services
Virgin Australia International Airlines 27-Apr-16 [2016] IASC 201 PDF: 962 KB ReadSpeaker Variation of Determination [2014] IASC 116 to permit Alitalia to code share on Virgin Australia services
21-Nov-14 [2014] IASC 116 PDF: 1224 KB ReadSpeaker Renewal of [2010] IASC 118
26-Mar-14 [2014] IASC R01 PDF: 201 KB ReadSpeaker Resolution to approve the use of allocated capacity under the amended code share agreement between Virgin and Etihad
8-Jul-13 [2013] IASC 215 PDF: 1160 KB ReadSpeaker Variation to permit Air Berlin to code share on Virgin Australia services
13-Sep-11 [2011] IASC R10 PDF: 16 KB ReadSpeaker Resolution to recognise name change
V Australia 25-Oct-10 [2010] IASC 118 PDF: 128 KB ReadSpeaker Allocation of 3 services per week of capacity in each direction


Last Updated: 20 December, 2016