Determinations and Decisions - France

Airline Date Determination/Decision Comments
Qantas 8-Mar-13 [2013] IASC 208PDF: 76 KB ReadSpeaker Variation to permit Emirates to code share on Qantas services
19-Dec-11 [2011] IASC 119 PDF: 126 KB ReadSpeaker Renewal of [2006] IASC 118
26-Oct-06 [2006] IASC 118 PDF: 98 KB ReadSpeaker Renewal of [2002] IASC 109 allocating 250 one way seats per day over 12 months in each direction
1-Nov-04 [2004] IASC 212 PDF: 96 KB ReadSpeaker Revocation of [2003] IASC 106
26-Oct-04 [2004] IASC 211 PDF: 104 KB ReadSpeaker Variation of [2002] IASC 109 to increase allocation to 250 one-way seats per day averaged over twelve months
30-May-03 [2003] IASC 106 PDF: 133 KB ReadSpeaker Renewal of DET/9818 allocating 3 units per week: Revoked
2-Apr-02 [2002] IASC 109 PDF: 34 KB ReadSpeaker Renewal of DET/9723 allocating 150 one-way seats per day averaged over twelve months—Renewed by [2006] IASC 118
6-Nov-98 DEC/9824 PDF: 15 KB ReadSpeaker Variation of DET/9818—decision to allow joint services with British Airways
8-Sep-98 DET/9818 PDF: 9 KB ReadSpeaker Allocation of 3 units per week
Virgin Australia International Airlines 21-Nov-14 [2014] IASC 118 PDF: 1241 KB ReadSpeaker Renewal of [2010] IASC 120
  26-Mar-14 [2014] IASC R01 PDF: 201 KB ReadSpeaker Resolution to approve the use of allocated capacity under the amended code share agreement between Virgin and Etihad
12-Jul-12 [2012] IASC 217 PDF: 114 KB ReadSpeaker Variation to permit Singapore Airlines to code share on Virgin Australia services
13-Sep-11 [2011] IASC R10 PDF: 16 KB ReadSpeaker Resolution to recognise name change
V Australia 18-Apr-11 [2011] IASC R04 PDF: 9 KB ReadSpeaker Resolution to grant an extension of time for utilisation of capacity
25-Oct-10 [2010] IASC 120 PDF: 128 KB ReadSpeaker Allocation of 150 one way seats per day on average annual basis


Last Updated: 19 April, 2016